About NUS Fintech Society

NUS Fintech Society was founded in 2018 in collaboration with NUS Fintech Lab under the NUS School of Computing. We identify ourselves as Fintech enthusiasts looking for opportunities to learn and grow our knowledge, skills and network in the Fintech space.

About the challenge

NUS Fintech Month Hackathon is a 3-week innovation and development competition consisting of three main rounds, open to mainly university and tertiary students. Participants will not only need to come up with the most relevant and creative solutions in the finance industry but also produce elegant applications that are in line with current business challenges. 

The theme for NUS Fintech Month 2023 will be "Fintech As A Service" and for the purpose of the hackathon, we define Fintech as a Service (FaaS) as allowing any organization to use APIs to embed useful financial-related capabilities into their existing applications, products, and services.

Problem Statements

  • Machine learning: How can ML services help businesses and/or consumers make more informed/better financial decisions/processes?
  • Blockchain: What are some banking products Panda Bank can offer that is integrated onto the Ethereum Blockchain?


Submission Requirement

1. Proposal Slide deck 5 slides (Summary of project)

a. Executive Summary of Fintech Service/API

b. Problem Statement/Ideation/Motivation

c. Solution provided

d. General Tech Stack


2. Ideation Report

a. Problem Statement/Ideation/Motivation

b. Tech Stack (Languages/Packages/Frameworks)

c. Structure of Code/Frameworks (UML Diagram/ML Pipeline)

d. Explanation of the use of Blockchain/ ML in the API (e.g. Algorithms/ Models)

e. Any additional relevant key information

Hackathon Sponsors


Proceed to next round (30)

30 teams to proceed to next round - Prototyping

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:






Panda Bank

Panda Bank


Judging Criteria

  • Business Potential (20%)
  • Creativeness of Solution (20%)
  • Relevancy to Fintech Month Theme and problem statement (20%)
  • Blockchain and/or Machine learning Sophistication (20%)
  • Feasibility of Solution (20%)

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